About EarthLink:

EarthLink Awards
  • 1998 "Super Deal" — Money Magazine - EarthLink was the only Internet service provider to be awarded this distinction.
  • PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award - Service judged best overall among 13 major Internet service providers and online services. Named PC Magazine's Editors' Choice among a field of 13 other major Internet service providers and online services.
  • Mobile Computing's First Class award for best ISP
  • Yahoo Internet Life — 1996 - Rated EarthLink "the best" of national Internet access providers. EarthLink received three and a half stars out of a possible four.
  • "Internet Company of the Year" - EarthLink was selected by the Southern California Software Industry Council as the Internet Company of the Year.
  • Yahoo! dubbed EarthLink "The customer service king."
  • Yahoo/Internet Life's ***1/2 rating (out of four) for EarthLink's Home Page.
  • Computer Currents' ranked EarthLink as one of the best Internet service providers.
  • Byte's "Pournelle's Users Choice" for EarthLink's personal Internet access software package, Total Access.

EarthLink in the News

What the Media are Saying

"(EarthLink) offers a sophisticated atmosphere for users who know what they want and how to get it."
Investor's Business Daily, December 1, 1998

"(EarthLink) is rapidly building up its subscriber base...and is one of the best managed ISP's out there."
C|Net, November 30, 1998

"EarthLink is closer to emerging as a national brand than are other ISP's...and has positioned itself for sustained growth."
Upside, October 15, 1998

"When only 'computer geeks' were on the Internet, EarthLink set out to provide an Internet access service that was easy to use and attractive to the everyday consumer."
Pasadena Weekly, September 2, 1998

"When you need support, call EarthLink and you get it."
Upside, August 20, 1998

"The EarthLink wizard (Internet Setup Assistant) is a truly beautiful thing."
ZDNet, August 15, 1998

"(EarthLink) is going to emerge as the solid No. 2 ISP in the next year."
C|Net,, August 12, 1998

"EarthLink's adding 6,500 Internet access customers a week … and set on becoming number two behind AOL."
FORBES, July 27, 1998

"Bigger is not better…America Online has 12 million members served by 1,900 local access numbers. EarthLink Network has about 1/18 the membership and 1,300 numbers. Which do you think is more likely to give you a busy signal?"
MONEY, July 1998

"(EarthLink) emphasized customer service at a time when most competitors didn't…and that emphasis continues."
DAILY NEWS, June 9, 1998

"EarthLink has one of the most active member bases in the industry."
C|Net, June 4, 1998