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Dial-Up Internet Access Plans

EarthLink Sprint TotalAccess is the easiest way to understand, get on, and experience the Internet. All our dial-up plans give you fast, reliable access to the Internet (56K access from most locations), valuable member benefits such as email, a Personal Start Page, a free 6MB Web site, a member newsletter, and more and 24-hour technical support from our friendly Net experts. But don't just take our word for it. EarthLink has been the recipient of several major awards, including Money magazine's 1998 "Technology Super Deal" award and the 1997 PC Magazine Editors' Choice for Best Internet Service Provider.


Our most popular plan TotalAccess means easy, unlimited access to the Internet from over 1,500 local phone numbers nationwide and all the benefits of EarthLink membership for only $19.95 per month.
  TotalAccess Gold
Get a "VIP" pass to the Internet with TotalAccess Gold, a premium Internet access membership. TotalAccess Gold members receive all the benefits of a standard TotalAccess membership plus 1) priority technical support with a toll-free VIP number; 2) an additional email account; 3) and a quarterly CD-ROM with the latest Internet-related software programs and upgrades.
Internet Access Numbers
To connect to the Internet, your computer's modem needs to dial a phone number that calls and connects you to your Internet service provider (like EarthLink). If this Internet access number is not a local call for you, you could end up paying the phone company lots of long distance phone charges. Luckily, EarthLink has more local Internet access numbers for you to use than most of our competitors combined, so there's probably one or more in your neighborhood. Use this page to make sure we have a number that's local to you.
  TotalAccess Canada
Get access to the Internet from most major Canadian cities for $21.95 per month for unlimited access. Sign up now and we'll waive the standard setup fee.

For a $2.00 surcharge over your standard monthly billing rate for dial-up access, you can enjoy unlimited access to the Internet via EarthLink's Canadian dial-up numbers. This $2.00 surcharge will be placed on your account once you log in to EarthLink Canadian dial-up numbers for that billing period.