Internet Access With Frame Relay Circuit(s)

Service Description
Internet Access With Frame Relay Circuit(s) is available to members with facilities located anywhere within the continental United States (international connections are available under separate quote, terms, and conditions). Under this option, EarthLink will:

  • Provide the physical, high-speed telephone circuit from the member's premises to the closest EarthLink data center (currently Pasadena, California)
  • Order and provision the entire circuit end-to-end
  • Provide a single point of contact for support on the circuit end-to-end
  • Provide all billing and billing related services on the circuit end-to-end

Internet Access With Frame Relay Circuit(s) service includes:

  • Dedicated Internet access at bandwidths from 56Kbps (DDS) to 1.5Mbps (full T1)
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) and routing announcements
  • Up to 253 routable IP addresses, depending upon surveyed need
  • A POP3 mailbox
  • EarthLink's Star Addressing email option

The EarthLink member using this service must provide all Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) needed to terminate his/her end of the high-speed telephone circuit. This would typically include:

  • A Router (Cisco 2500 series or compatible)
  • A CSU/DSU (Motorola FS100T or compatible)
  • Any network engineering required to connect the router to the member's internal computer network
  • Any inside wiring required to bring the high-speed telephone line provided by EarthLink from the Demarcation Point (the telephone company's minimum point of entry to the member's facilities) to the member's CSU/DSU
  • The name of the Technical Contact with whom EarthLink will work during installation of service and for ongoing support and service needs

Pricing Prices quoted below include high-speed Internet access and a Private Virtual Circuit (PVC) to EarthLink. Prices DO NOT INCLUDE:

  • The cost of the Local Loop from your premises to the closest Frame Relay Point-of-Presence (POP), which will be quoted separately
  • Any applicable federal and/or state taxes

Depending on where your offices are located, one of the following two price tables will apply:

Offices in the greater Los Angeles area
Internet access with Metro (Intra-LATA) Frame Relay

56K $495.00 $170.00 $158.00 $153.00
128K $995.00 $210.00 $195.00 $189.00
256K $1,295.00 $360.00 $335.00 $324.00
384K $1,495.00 $480.00 $446.00 $432.00
512K $1,595.00 $720.00 $670.00 $648.00
T1 $1,995.00 $960.00 $893.00 $864.00

*Term plan discount rates

Offices outside the greater Los Angeles area
Internet access with National (Inter-LATA) Frame Relay

56K $495.00 $240.00 $223.00 $216.00
128K $995.00 $410.00 $381.00 $369.00
256K $1,295.00 $520.00 $484.00 $468.00
384K $1,495.00 $640.00 $595.00 $576.00
512K $1,595.00 $860.00 $800.00 $774.00
T1 $1,995.00 $1,460.00 $1,358.00 $1,314.00

*Term plan discount rates

Term Plan Discount
EarthLink offers a Term Plan Discount on Frame Relay services in exchange for a long-term commitment. This is a "Take or Pay" contract, fully defined in paragraph titled Termination of Agreement of the EarthLink Dedicated Service Agreement.

State and Federal Taxes
EarthLink bills Frame Relay members for both dedicated, high-speed Internet access and for the high-speed circuit between their premises and EarthLink. The circuit component is subject to applicable Federal and State taxes. Note well that:

  • Taxes are not included in price quotes members receive from EarthLink
  • Taxes are the responsibility of the EarthLink member and will be added to your monthly bill
  • Failure to pay federal and/or state taxes due is cause for termination of service

Product Provisioning
EarthLink is responsible for frame circuit installation up to the demarcation point (the minimum point of entry into the member's premises). The member will be responsible for any extended wiring beyond this demarcation point. A standard forty-five (45) business days is required to provision the entire frame circuit.

Please note well: EarthLink will not provision a Frame Relay connection without a signed Dedicated Access Agreement.

Members are responsible for providing and managing their own premise equipment. EarthLink is not responsible for router configuration (beyond assisting in the initial installation and turn-up), LAN, Firewall, Mail server, Web server, or FTP server configurations. Members must provide EarthLink with a Technical Contact who will be the main point of contact for technical troubleshooting and support calls.

Static IP Addresses
All IP addresses are the property of EarthLink and are loaned to members for the duration of service. Members requesting IP addresses will receive and "IP Survey" form from EarthLink's Frame Relay Department. This form must be completed and returned before IP addresses are assigned. The member is entitled up to 253 static IP addresses based upon demonstrated need. Network Solutions, Inc. (InterNIC) sets the rules for demonstrating need. Briefly, they are:

  • 25% of the number of IP addresses assigned must be in use immediately
  • 50% must be in use within a year
  • 80% must be in use before additional IP addresses are requested

Email Options
The following mail-handling options are available at no additional charge to members who are not running their own SMTP Mail server(s):

  • Email Box: One POP3 mailbox to use as a "Store and Forward" box for corporate email. The member must select a unique "" and a password before this box can be provisioned.
  • Star Addressing: An email routing tool that routes all mail addressed to the member's domain ( to his "" mailbox where it is stored until the member downloads it. Additionally the member may re-route mail to any given user name to any mailbox on the Internet.

For more details about Frame Relay Access or any other EarthLink Sprint Business Service, please fill out our online form, and an EarthLink representative will contact you.