Bring your business the advantages of the Internet without the burden of multiple modems and slow analog phone lines. LAN ISDN is a low-cost way to get high-speed access to the Internet for businesses with multiple workstations on a Local Area Network (LAN). Order LAN ISDN now!

Speed and Service
EarthLink supports multiple simultaneous Internet connections across a Local Area Network (LAN) using a single ISDN line at speeds of up to 128Kbps. We also provide a complete, detailed walk-through to assist you in setting up your LAN connection to the Internet with an easy network configuration.

Savings and Security
LAN ISDN utilizes a single, dynamic Internet Protocol (IP) address, eliminating the need to purchase a costly class C address and provides an extra level of network security. Dynamic IP ISDN routers allow new users to quickly and easily set up their LAN to connect to the Internet. Current network users will find it simple to integrate these routers into their existing hubs.

EarthLink's LAN ISDN service includes:

  • Four (4) Internet email accounts
  • Up 160 channel hours per month (equal to eight (8) hours of Internet access per business day)
  • Additional Internet mailboxes and channel hours are available at a small additional monthly fee

LAN ISDN Support
EarthLink's ISDN support aims to provide EarthLink members with the highest level of technical assistance and to work with members' network administrators to provide reliable Internet service to your business.

LAN ISDN Pricing

  • $149.00 set-up fee
  • $99.95 monthly for 160 channel hours; $.85 per hour in excess of 160 hours
  • includes four email accounts

LAN ISDN Hardware Options
Choose the router that best fits the needs of your network:

Order LAN ISDN Service Today!
With one toll-free call to EarthLink, you can verify that ISDN service is available in your area, order the line from your local telephone company, purchase any necessary hardware, and set up your ISDN Internet account. And EarthLink's ISDN rates are surprisingly affordable — they're among the most competitive in the industry. With access speeds of up to 128Kbps, Web pages fly and downloads are four times faster than any modem connection. Get ISDN access today — your Internet will never be the same.