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Planning Your Web Site

Here are some guidelines when planning for your Web Site.

Bulle036.gif (693 bytes) Think about what you want to accomplish with your Web Site.  Who are your target audiences?

Bulle036.gif (693 bytes) Then gather all your marketing tools and strategies that you might already have, and incorporate them to your Web Site.

Bulle036.gif (693 bytes) Visit other web sites in the same business as yours to get an idea about your site's content, its appearance (such as background & color) and other features.  If you find one that you really like, make a bookmark for reference.  What ever you do, make sure that the contents and features  that you plan will appeal to your target audience.

Bulle036.gif (693 bytes) Usually the HomePage, the first page of your web site, contains a brief description of your business, a description of your services, your specialties, and qualifications.

Bulle036.gif (693 bytes) Depending on what type of business you are doing, you may want to include the staff's personal and educational backgrounds, honors, specialties, and interest.

Bulle036.gif (974 bytes) Other things that you may want to include in your web site are: map & directions to your place, a weekly newsletter, a weekly special, a bulletin board, mailing form, order form, feedback form, a hyperlink to your e-mail, and hyperlinks to other web sites that could complement yours. You may also want to include background music, and/or RealAudio & RealVideo clips. Click here for sample of a streaming RealAudio clip.
If you don't hear the RealAudio clip, download RealPlayerG2 free.

Bulle036.gif (974 bytes) Now you are ready to put together everything for our designer. But before you do, check if the Domain Name (your company name) you are planing to use is still available, Click Here to find out.

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