Single ISDN Access

ISDN is a low-cost way to get high-speed access to the Internet for your home or office. Order ISDN Internet access now!

With one toll-free call to EarthLink, you can verify that ISDN service is available in your area, order the line from your local telephone company, purchase any necessary hardware, and set up your ISDN Internet account. And EarthLink's ISDN rates are surprisingly affordable — they're among the most competitive in the industry.

Single ISDN Pricing:

  • $34.95 monthly for 100 channel hours includes one email account
  • $.99 per hour in excess of 100 hours
  • $50.00 set-up fee (waived for current EarthLink members)

Hardware Options (Choose one of 3 adapters):

  • 3Com Impact IQ™ $219.95
  • Diamond NetCommander™ $179.95
  • LavaLink $49.95

For your business, EarthLink also offers LAN ISDN access. This is a cost-effective solution for providing multiple ISDN access to workstations on a local area network (LAN).